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Question Relating to Product-Corsair AX-850-Watt Psu
Price Purchased for-244-AU$

OK so on to the Question at hand.
14th of April Afternoon at about 4.27 Pm Friday i Turned on the Power from the wall then i continued to flick the Psu switch to the ON position to supply power to the Motherboard so i could turn on my computer as i flicked the switch to the ON position it made a [Electric Sorta POP!-Sound!] my reaction of thought was ok maybe a Capacitor? has blown? Nervously and to a perspective an unwise decision although it did not seem so at the end i pressed the on button at the front of my case and booted to the desktop checked that all 3 of my hardrives were working all my USB ports were working and both my GPU'S and CPU they were working ok, so i turned OFF my computer and REMOVED My Psu after removing the Psu i removed the Psu Grill above The Psu Fan and inspected the Psu for any Blown Capacitors i could see two Large Capacitors and many small ones none of them seemed to have blown or have any residue leakage and they were all sealed at the top none of them had broken seals however on one of the large ones i could see a blueish chalk kind of dust next to the pristine seal ontop of the Capacitor i removed it with a Faber Castele water colour brush no trouble whatsoever and thought it was probably there upon purchase after that i continued to screw the gril back on and put everything back together turn on my computer everything works well my fear is did i miss anything that i could pyshcialy not see is something wrong wy did it make that sound i was thinking that when i turned the Psu switch to the ON Position after turning on the wall power and did not let the circutry warm up and the room temperature at the time was about-18-19-Celsiusis is that wy it maybe made that pop sound? was it the electricity being unclean or something is it ok? i mean i checked the Capacitors and none of them that i could see were blown i had a good look inside was it the temperature difference between the room and circuitry or something i dont no please give me your thoughts i am between thought to weather i should purchase a new one and RMA this one or what i don't no what to think although it seems fine psychically to my eye and works well anyway please reply ASAP Thank
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  1. I have no clue why it made the sound, I personally would be content with that everything is working fine!
  2. rolli59 said:
    I have no clue why it made the sound, I personally would be content with that everything is working fine!

    if a Capacitor had blown in the Psu tho it would not turn on right?
  3. It would not be working right!
  4. rolli59 said:
    It would not be working right!

    Yup thats what was i thinking when you turn on the power from the wall you should let 2 minutes parse then flick the Psu switch because then theres power leakage in those two minutes that can warm up the circuitry verses just flicking it outright and hearing that sound witch at worse can course a dead Capacitor maybe
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