2 Monitors w/ diff Res, 1 for Games 1 for Internet

I think I posted this in the wrong place at first and thought here would be better, so here it is...

Hey, I just have a few questions before I shut down and connect an old monitor as a second. Right now I'm using my 32" 1080p tv as my only monitor. Outside of games it doesn't look the best, but it's what I have. I also have my old 19" lcd monitor with a max resolution of 1280 x 1024 that I'd like to get hooked up before Skyrim comes out. In the end I want to be gaming on the 32" tv while being able to have google up on the 19" screen on the side. -How hard or easy is this gonna be? I've heard of UltraMon, but haven't really read much about it yet. -Will I need it or something like it? Will I have to set up the 19" lcd as the main monitor? Of course, the whole time I want to be using the 32" at 1080p and the 19" at 1280 x 1024. Is there anything else I should know before I get started with this? Thanks for all your help and info.

Asus p8p67 Pro 3.1
i5 2500K Stock @ 3.3
2x 4gb Rigjaws
Msi gtx 580 Lightning Xtreme
Corsair TX 750w
Win 7 64

After more reading I'm making an addition. -It seems like Windows 7 can handle things pretty well, but I'm still worried about the change in resolution. I'll keep the HDTV as monitor 1 in front of me, and put the lcd to the left as monitor 2. I'm still not really sure how to make a program start on which monitor I want though. I've read I'll have to resize, drag, close, open, resize/maximize, then close...which seems like a pain with anything fullscreen. Another question, will I have a Start Menu/taskbar on each screen?

Just a note too. I have the HDTV hooked up through an HDMI cable and will be connecting the lcd with a VGA cord and the little DVI? connector that came with the video card.

Should everything go pretty smooth? -All the time. With "every" game and program?

Thanks again
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  1. So last night I hooked up the lcd and everything went "fine". Right now I'm kind of looking for a way (or program) to make a hot-key that will switch which screen is "active" and maybe even drag my mouse over there too. I'm having problems dragging the mouse across screens while the main is in fullscreen. -Even if I can get to the second screen, when I click something on it, the fullscreen prog on screen 1 minimizes...which isn't the best. Is there any way to get around or fix this?

    Edit: I forgot to add that there is a black rectangle a few inches in from the top and left on the lcd. It's only black on the background. When I drag an app over it will cover the bg and the black box. -What are your thoughts on that?
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