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Just looking for some feedback on my latest build please dont say you should have gone intell

System specs

Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7

AMD FX 8150 8 Core Black adition 3.6GHz - 4.2GHz Turbo Core

ATI Radeon HD 6950 Total Local Video Memory 2.00GB

4 X 4.00 GB 16GB total Frequency 1600 MHz Corsair Vengence

OCZ agility 3 120GB

Antec high current gamer 900w

CM stormtrooper

Antech Kuhlr H2O 620

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  1. I would improve cabling at the bottom.
  2. Rated it a 4 for the following reason:

    With your kind of budget, an Intel build is superior
  3. Its a nice build, very nice, gave it a 7, but for the price, would have went Intel.
  4. Dark as "Black Plague"
    very cool looking :) specs top of the line nice, should serve you nicely
    even thou intel fan-boys going to call Bulldozer junk
    I just did pretty much exact same system (amd 6850) for fancy client, after 24 hour burn in it feels solid nice and fast, scored 100$ tip on top of everything as well because they liked it so much.

    got regular hard drive? the 120gb ssd not gona fit all the games
    or is it just me who got over 200gb in installed games lol
  5. Gave it a 7 (10 being the best).
    Knocked down for the following reason:
    1) Agility III SSD is at the BOTTOM of my choices for SSD. Already have 2 of them, so NO, I'll not even take as a freebe , On 2nd thought reconsider, will take and use like a 120 gig thumbdrive LOL- My 2 M4's run circles around them. I will be REPLACING the agility III with a Samsung 830 shortly.
    2) MB. Love Gigabyte MBs. 3 out of last 4 builds have been Gigabyte. I think for $250 you could have done better. That specify board gets somewhat low marks, A little short on USB 3 ports and over kill on PCI-e x16 slots unless planning on tri xfire.
    3) Platform. It's not just the CPU, it's also about the supporting chipsets. AMD is reducing their support for consummer PCs (NOT doing away with). Look at the LONGGGG lag time in supporting SSDs (Not positive, but think performance is better on Intel with Intel driver). Also showing up in GPUs (NOTE, I am a AMD GPU fan, all of my desktops have and had ati/amd gpus). But look at SB notebooks, AMD still (as of a month ago) does not properly impliment switching from IGP (2D apps) to a Dedicated GPU for 3 D amps.
  6. After all the crap we've seen about Bulldozer why would you go and buy one?
  7. Sorry m8, but you should have gone with intel IMO.
  8. Everything looks really well done.
    Cabling and case looks sleek and clean.

    Although the Bulldozer should be replaced with
    an Intel, everything else seems nice.

  9. Not bad, gave it a 7. I'm looking at getting that case myself, but I plan to go with an X79 board so yeah not going to go through the trouble of putting my current build in there and gutting it shortly after :D. Anyway, that FX should be enough for your single card, but it will be a bit lacking if you crossfire latter on even if you OC the FX. Also, I probably would have gone with a cheaper board to get a better SSD or two, unless you plan to go 4-way crossfire or something.
  10. Sorry about your request: to not say go with intel, but this is the main problem...

    Your cpu is good.. but with the money you spent you would had built an i7-2600k setup. It would be faster, and with lower power consumption.
    I will rate it 6 cause IMO this shouldn't happen, internet is crowded with CPU benchmarks info. Best buys from each price segment, etc.
  11. I gave it an 8 for the Bulldozer CPU.
  12. I gave it a 3 because on water the FX-8120 should be near an equal. The FX loves higher frequency memory so 1866 or higher would be better. Lastly use the savings off the CPU for a 6970.

    I like that you only got a SSD and didn't waste money on a overpriced HD.
  13. I will gave 2 because im amd hater
  14. 5.5 (rounded up to 6[originally I voted 7, however after further investigation I must lower a point based on the MoBo]) ...

    -1 CPU -- FX is crap compared to Intel or previous phenom II, atm.
    -1 MoBo
    -1 Crap SSD
    -0.5 You could've gotten a modular PSU
    -1 If you want to watercool, do it right and get a DD Radiator or something equivalent. You pay a little bit more for a lot more heat dissipation.
  15. why not intel? (lol, just joking)
  16. why not intel? (lol, just joking)

    you should try some partial overclock, by disabling some cores to keep tdp and temp in limit, then i think you can go over 5ghz
  17. Cheers for comments to adress cpu choice budget was an issue and so far i am very happy with it extreemly simple to overclock truegenius i right you can run in duel core mode @5GHz and the water cooling was to adress another issue i wont go into
  18. no matter where ya go
    there ya go
  19. How sturdy is the handle of that case?
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