GTX 580 problems

Whenever I launch a game, it either friezes, the colours become all wrong, things are missing from the screen, or the screen just goes black. This is for any game I try and play, aswell, there doesn't seam to be any problems when I'm outside of a game. I was just a playing battlefield bad company 2 last night, which worked flawlessly, so I have no idea whats wrong. I have an Evga gtx 580 superclocked card. Is this a driver problem, or a more serious hardware problem?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!!
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  1. get the latest drivers first. if they dont work, your card could be bust.
  2. 1. Uninstall drivers, reboot, install latest driver

    2. Run OCCT's GPU test and monitor temps and voltages.

    3. Be advised that TS from EVGA w/a factory overclocked card is a nightmare.... went thru that w/ my son's GTX 295 FTW which after the 3rd month would not run at the factory OC speed. Every phone call was as if we started from scratch.....had to go thru the exact same mundane steps that proved to have no effect on the last call.....after 18 months and 5 RMA's, they finally sent a next gen card which works.
  3. You do have the latest drivers installed right?

    I would completely uninstall the card and the drivers , then install the card with the install cd and then update the drivers.
    If that does not worh contact Evga , they have great customer service and tech support and provided you have registered the card and uploaded the invoice you will have no problem getting a replacement.
  4. I have had several RMA'S with Evga and they all went the same way , e-mail tech support and get ticket number , sent ticket number and description of problem to customer service then get RMA , send card in and get replacement , Painless. I am not talking about the low end cards either , I have RMA'D a 480 hydro and a 580 hydro and currently a 580 3gb version. The thing with Evga is if you register your card and upload the original invoice , you have zero problems when you have to do a RMA.
  5. hmm, well after shutting down my comp a few time the problem disappeared completely.
    And yes I always keep the drivers up to date.

    So I'm not sure if this was an overheating problem?
    Which would be weird because the card didn't feel hot, and my case has good airflow

    Well, thanks for replies anyways. I just hope this problem doesn't come back
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