Difference between cheap and Branded SMPS


I just purchased a cooler master 431+ elite chassis , and from past I am using a local chassis (simple ATX cabinet)

and I am using a smps (power supply unit) from a local brand which is very cheap not more than 8$

and as this new chassis comes without smps so thinking to install my old smps

SMPS from Cooler master comes costly I guess 50$ for 400 watt so thinking to avoid purchase that

So is there any problem if I use local smps its fan is no doubt smaller than Cooler master's 120 mm fan

otherwise what I think , that it just works for supplying power to PC's components

tell me if it also gives impact on PC performance.
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    What parts?

    Less power, can cause damage to all parts. It can especially damage a graphics card if it is under powered. Infact, in a few months I bet you your entire system will blow up because of that power supply.
  2. Power is same not less I am using simple 946 motherboard with entry level nvidia pci express graphic card

    hmm whats the difference, I am using local from 6 years now, and I believe in what you say
    Last year my wire burnt but smps is running without problem
    But thinking why and how branded won't give problem? and keep me safe.
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