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Radeon 6950 Crossfire predicament

So i have a bit of an issue. I just upgraded my pc and went with THIS video card. Now I'm considering a crossfire setup, but as you can see its out of stock and i cant seem to find it in stock anywhere. I'm thinking that i should be able to buy THIS card, unlock the shaders on it, OC it to match and everything will be fine. Just looking for opinions or if anyone has been in a similar situation. From everything i've read the only thing different between these 2 cards are the stock cooler and of course the stock OC on the toxic edition. If worse comes to worse i can always return the toxic edition and order 2 of the cheaper cards but I'd rather not have to deal with an RMA process if i don't have to. Thanks for any input
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  1. According to this: should be able to use the 2nd card as is. No? I mixed brands with no problem. Granted, my cards were same otherwise.
  2. They will work together no problem if both unlocked. If one is unlocked and the other not, I'm not sure if it will work. The toxic edition cards I believe have a higher chance of unlocking than the dirt3 cards, but I could be wrong.
  3. It'll most likely work, but I don't know if you can unlock those cards. I would reccommend you wait for some more Toxic cards to come into stock.
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    The Toxic comes with the 6970 bios installed ... 90% success rate of unlocked shaders with no flash required... While I can't speak of the Dirt3 edition I know you can take any 6900 series card and any vendor for that matter and they will run together. 6970/6950, 6990/6950, etc... doesn't matter. The gpu's will run at the speed of the slower card (clock wise).

    ...or you can simply wait and have the matching set, this is what I would do because I'm a fruitcake like that. :pt1cable:
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