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Need help picking a graphics card for my computer

Hi i need help picking a graphics card for my slim pc,
i have a lenovo 77801mu desktop .
it only has a 180 or 190 psw.
Is their any good cards that are low profile that my psu can handle.
this is a new desktop i jist bought
it has
Pentium dual core g620 2.6ghz
3gb ram
. I just need a graphics card that can play battlefield 3 .
im just worried about my power supply , any advice on wich card i should get?
please provide links.
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  1. Whats your native resolution and your budget? If that psu is a no name brand get another. Try getting the Corsair 430w psu. Its going for between 31 to 50 usd
  2. Whats a native resolution ? Im playing on a 32 inch tv , my budget for the graphics is somewhere less than 100$
  3. So, you need a new GPU + PSU for under $100 that will play Battlefield 3? Impossible, sorry.
  4. No just for the graphics
  5. No modern GPU will run on a 190w PSU, not even close. You need at least a good 450-500w for a BF3 ready GPU.
  6. Can you send me links of the psu and gpu , u can recommend thats low profile.
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    The bare minimum just to get the game opened would be:

    $83 after mail in rebates

    I'm assuming your TV is full 1080p. Even with all low settings I'm not sure if it will be playable, especially in multiplayer where your dual core CPU will likely suffer as well.
  8. My tv is 720p . Maybe my processor might lag, but i went to
    Everything passex the minimum except my gpu because its an integrated intel hd graphics 200
  9. Ok on a 720p TV it is doable. My guess is your average frame rates would be around 35-40fps indoors. Outside on a big map you may drop into the teens though.
  10. Ok that sounds good , i basically dont care about good graphics , low is fine for me , i just wanna play with my friend . Thanks for the info you really helped me alot
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