I need to connect Samsung blu ray to cable modem to stream netflix

I am trying to stream movies from the internet via a cable modem. I want to do this with a wired router not wireless. Netflix says I must have my PC and the blu ray player connected to the modem. There is only one HDMI connection back there on the modem.
How do I make this work? What is the most efficient and least expensive way to accomplish this?
It is a true bummer to find that I can not just connect the blu ray to the modem when I got home from buying the blu ray player.

There must be some way to make this thing work as advertised.
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  1. I have never seen a modem with an HDMI connection. You should be able to connect your blu-ray player to your network either by Cat5/6 cable or wireless depending on the model. If all you have is a cable modem, you may also need to purchase a router (wired or wireless) in order to use multiple devices at the same time. Once connected, as long as your blu-ray player supports netflix, you can connect directly from your blu-ray player to stream movies. The HDMI port on your blu-ray player will either go to your TV or AV Receiver.
  2. What make and model modem is it?
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