I5-3750k BENCHMARKS!!!!!!


Kudos to azeem40... he put this up on "New Builds". I'm just reposting with some links narrowed down. Apparently, someone has gotten ahold of the NEWEST IB I5-3750K!!!! :bounce: :bounce:

Here are all the useful links:

Full thread: http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=44294

Picture of box: http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=44294&page=3

Benchmarks: http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=44294&page=4

Now... discuss! :bounce: :pt1cable:

EDIT: Had to take off a few "bounce" smilies.... I'm a little excited. Also, azeem said he got it from OCN, so... there ya go. Credit is passed through the ranks ;)
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  1. Wow... no one is interested?
  2. Old.

    Lol j/k everything sleeping dude.
  3. Was this out before? Also, I've met enough Australians on these forums to know better...
  4. Good to see some more info coming out. Sadly, I am far too tired to look at it or even care about it. Maybe tomorrow
  5. Tweaktown already had a comprehensive benchmark of it on 19th March.
  6. Dangit. As always, I'm late to the party. Good thing I can always fall back on my charm ;)
  7. In short, thus far, I don't regret my purchase of a 3930K. This Processor is a beast.
  8. 87 Celsius on water is terrible.
  9. Yea i am not liking what i am hearing, so far Ivy:Hot.

    Which is why i may got with a i5 2500K and a Z77 mobo
  10. With those load temps being as they are, I believe there is something else at play. If the water cooling is an H50 or H60, probably better off with air, but I didn't see any mention of water cooling, but may have overlooked it. I am looking at moving to a Z77 MOBO myself, although I have the ASUS P8Z68-VPro now. Wanna do that before going to a GTX 680. : )
  11. With the pricing of the Z77's being so good in relation to Z68 it may be a very good time to sell on and upgrade to Z77.
  12. 87 C on AIR is terrible! What is going on?

    Is Ivy seriously worse than SB? Man, Intel...

    I thought the 22nm architecture was supposed to cut down on heat!
  13. Die shrink will not result in less heat, essentially Intel are designed on efficiency, to create the higher frequencies means pushing the CPU out of the operation zone, IB is more efficient than the SB with the downside that it requires more to push it to that level.

    A reviewer for OCnet that I spoke to suggests that the IB is a bit of a dog when it comes to overclocks, performance wise it is an improvement over SB.
  14. So... here's what I don't understand. If it's better performance-wise but worse on overclocking, I'm assuming overclocking means it's a percentage. So say it overclocks easily up 1.0GHz, while SB overclocks easily 1.5GHz (hypothetically). The stock on IB is 4.0GHz, while the stock on SB is 3.0GHz. IB overclocks 25%, SB overclocks 50%.

    IB would still be better in the end because of a higher stock overclock. Is this the case?

    Basically, comparing the performance of the two chips when overclocked with a typical air cooler (Hyper 212 Evo), is IB better in the end? Meaning we would stop both chips not at a certain speed, but at a certain temperature. OC for temperature, is IB better, or worse?

    I know that was kind of confusing, so I can try to explain it more thoroughly if you don't understand me.
  15. You might get better overclocks with a Z68. Z77 only lets you give your processor 77 watts, while Z68 can give up to 95 watts.
  16. Well... can the processor utilize 95 watts?
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