Asus Sabertooth z77/Cooler Master Cosmos II

Good afternoon,

This is my first custom build. I bought all the parts on NewEgg and over the course of the last three days, I got everything in bit by bit. My anxiety was high but so was my anticipation. I've worked on computers before, for friends and family, but never had I built one from scratch with brand-new parts.

I have all major components installed(MoBo, RAM, Processor/Heat Sink, GPU, Power Supply, etc). I also have a majority of the cabling done. However, the Cosmos II has the five fans pre-built into the case(Front, Top, Back, and two fans for the HDD cage located at the bottom) and it would seem that I have run out of ports for fan hook-ups.

I was able to get the CPU fan to come on, the top fan to come on, and eventually the back fan to come on. However, I cannot find a port for the front fan, nor am I able to get the LED lights and the fan controller to work.

I'm looking for a little insight here. Anything would be greatly appreciated. I'm beating my head against the wall here.
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  1. The case description says, "Advanced Control Panel includes 4 channel fan speed control." You should be able to do most on that controller then the CPU and one other on the mobo itself.

    Edit: If it's like mine, there's a wiring harness from the fan controller. One will be a molex from the PSU to the controller. The others are from the controller to the fans.
  2. I have done hours and hours of research on this case because I am planning to use it in my next build for a gaming computer.
    There should be a bit of fan cables but if you run out all you would need to do is by 3 pin fan splitter cables. About the LED lights, the only time you can use the LED button for the fans is if your fans come with an extra 2 pin connector. Some BitFenix fans do this and you can buy an OEM fan from Cooler Master's website for this case which comes with an LED 2 pin connector. I cannot remember there being any 2-pin splitter cables on the market, but you can sacrifice a few fans without the LED's on them such as the back fan.

    Cosmos II OEM Fans:
    Fan Splitter Cable:
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