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Is this card compatible with my XPS 720? The card requires PCI Express 2.0 x16 and I see conflicting posts on whether this will work in the XPS 720. The card fits in my PCI slot and powers up (fans spin) but no output. The docs on power connector said "(2) 6-pin PCI-E connectors" (which I have) but the actual card had an 8-pin and a 6-pin connector. The card came supplied with a Y to connect 2 6-pins to an 8-pin. The card powers up with only this but I have no additional 6-pin source for the other connector. Is there a way to get power from other type connectors coming from the Power Supply?
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    One of these two adapters should work for you, depending on what plugs you have available:

    2x4-pin molex to 8-pin PCIE:

    PCIE 6-pin to PCIE 8-pin:
  2. Thanks both! I have ordered the adapters. I am reasoning that the 2x4-pin molex to 8-pin PCIE should deliver more "juice" than the PCIE 6 to 8 pin...right???
    My XPS 720 has a 750 watt PS so I am calculating about 62.5 12volt amperage (I think). I can upgrade the power supply to 1000 watts if necessary. I am not sure if that would benefit overclocking... First, I want to get the card working.
  3. Quote:
    Always ask his psu size. :sarcastic:

    :pfff: Some people know that those systems only came with a 750 or 1000 watt psu
  4. LOL - thanks for the advice . . . and the defense. I do own a Dell 710 H2C. OTOH, I suppose I could have at least said: "Assuming the original PSU is still installed, . . ."

    @Daiseki: Neither can manage a wire-for-wire match for the 8-pin connector. The 6-pin PCIE has 3x12V and 3xCommon; the 8-pin has 3x12V and 5xCommon; molex 4-pin has 12V, 5V, and 2xCommon.

    On the surface, the 6-pin to 8-pin adapter might be the better match, but for obvious reasons the 2xmolex-to-8-pin is the most commonly provided adapter.

    Either one will work.
  5. Yes that's right Most of high end gaming machines from Dell such as XPS 710/720 comes with at least 750W PSU, never saw the 1000W except for the Alienware Aurora.

    Dell OEm PSUs don't provide too much info about 12V rails or their distributions and i guess it's almost one 12V rail feeds the whole components.

    So using a molex to 8-pin adapter is safe and no problem with it.

    Edit: @OP, it's more than enough even for OCing, but does the XPS 720 support OCing?
  6. The 1kw PSU came (at least) in my 710 H2C with its "Factory OC'd" quad-core, "hybrid liquid-air cooling" system, and 2x8800 GTX. You should hear that puppy start up!
  7. Our standard XPS 710 has a 750W PSU, If dell is selling the H2C with the quad core and 2 8800 in SLi with 1K PSU, this is really ridiculous and non sense.
  8. That's what they sold, 5 years ago now.

    What's more ridiculous is: I bought one. The last PC i'll ever buy.
  9. Since i used to work on Dell machines, i guess it's a great value for performance with some limitations that might be not necessary for normal users not enthusiasts.
  10. Aye, as I came to understand much later lol . . .

    . . . the mobo was "bad", never did SLI or perform as expected. That mobo was eventually quietly recalled/replaced, an option only to those who happened to be following the Dell forum threads at the time. I was very disappointed in that approach by Dell, a company I otherwise respect and often (still) recommend when the right users/uses are involved.

    . . . and there was over $2,000 tied up in the extreme quad plus the two then top-of-the-line graphics cards. Not exactly value purchases lol.

    That 710 is now my #3 game box, now with a different single video card. If it were not a BTX, I'd still be using the humongus 50 lb case lol. Eventually, I'll probably use the PSU as a spare.
  11. Thanks to all for the discussion and follow-up. BTW I got the card working very nicely...all it took was the 6-to-8 pin adapter. I guess I am more a user than an enthusiast...but my Windows 7 Graphics performance jumped from 3.8 to 7.8! My games look great!!
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