Problems when using HDMI to connect my monitor

I am experiencing a weird problem with my new monitor, I tried connecting it using HDMI but the image was displayed on a part of the usable screen. When I tried to decrease the resolution to 1680x1050, the whole display was used

As you can see, not all the display is used when set to 1080p

When switching to 1680x1050 however, all the display area is used

As an act of desperation, I tried connecting the monitor using VGA (Yuck!) and the monitor used every available pixel even when set to 1080p.

One more thing, I noticed that when the monitor is connected to HDMI, 1080p resolution appears in "HDTV" category in Catalyst but that doesn't happen when the monitor is connected to the VGA port. That lead me to think that the issue might be caused by the driver

I hope somebody can resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance
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    Black boarder usually is because of GPU scaling is not enabled to full screen in properties for digital panel in CCC.
  2. Thank you so much. That was exactly what I needed to do

    You're the best :).
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