6950 1GB vs 2GB

What is the difference between the 2GB 6950 and the 1GB? Is there a performance gain from the 1GB to the 2GB version of the card?
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  1. 6950 1gb or 2gb both are unlocked to the full 6970 so the 2gb is much better.
  2. Quote:
    2GB is more beneficial at resolutions above 1920x1080 only.
    1Gb is still enough for 1080p at this current time.

    Plus that, there are some exceptions Due to technologies such as AA, MSAA, AF, QSCAA.. those really feed on the VRAM depending on the game so the more VRAM the smoother the game is. If you're gonna play the new GTA IV with 1 GB of VRAM, you'll be disappointed.
    So i recommend you to get the 2GB version.
  3. So their is no actual gain in performance? My display is at 1920x1080 and as of right now. the 1GB is cheaper.
  4. Ok, thanks
  5. Zaniaac said:
    So their is no actual gain in performance? My display is at 1920x1080 and as of right now. the 1GB is cheaper.

    huh! depending on your budget if you want to go with 1gb and maxed out every game so your games will be running little laggy 2gb version can run every game smooth with maxed out setting.
  6. Quote:
    You could however go for a nvidia gpu which will have 1.25GB ram (GTX 570).

    if he can afford to buy an nvidia gtx570 then its more better than both version of ati.
  7. I have two 6950 1GB in crossfire. And I have a 850W PSU. I just wanted to know the difference between the 1GB version and the 2GB version.
  8. That's cool, so you already knew the difference. 1 GB is almost fine with today games but there are few which like the more VRAM.
  9. ok i am also buying a new comp.
    thinking of a 6950 cf (x2)(maybe unlock)
    so when i cf 1 gb will my total gfx memory end up in 1 gb or 2 gb ?
    i am confused
  10. Your CF will end 1 GB, the VRAM is not doubled it's mirrored between the GPUs.
    Read This
  11. AMD and the card manufacturers are "wise" to the unlocking thing and unlocking is now more a hit or miss (emphasis on the latter) ....See later posts in this thread.

  12. uy 2GB if you can get it.
    As it will be future proof as well..
    And 2GB, you can play more resolution games.
  13. what if i cf 1 gb and 2 gb 6950s will i end up in 2 gb or still 1 gb ? is it true i need a 2 gb version to unlock 6950 to 6970 ?

    also which cards are factory unlocked to 6970s or 2 bios switch ? do all of them have ?

    another thing - that when 1 cf will i have to unlock them separately ?

    will i have to unlock again if i re install windows ?
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