Kutaragi babbles about PS3's HDD plans

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After reading this article, I'm not so sure Kutaragi really comprehends
computers or not...

PS3 won't ship with a HDD because, as he says, no HDD will be big enough.
With laptop drives hitting the 100GB mark now, and desktop drives hitting
400GB, what exactly is he expecting to use the HDD for? I can understand
not wanting to commit to a single size, as this allows them release larger
and larger disks for the same price, for instance. But other than that,
what do you really need with an ever-growing HDD? Kutaragi goes on to say
that the HDDs released for the PS3 will come with Linux installed on them,
so that the PS3 will become "a computer" (what was it before, I wonder?)

Ok, so you'll be able to buy a HDD which will turn your PS3 into a set-top
Linux station. And what does Sony expect you to do with such a thing?
It'd be nice if they made mention that the linux station would allow
things like a robust MSN/WebTV-like interface, allowing non-computer geeks
to easily go online to use email and surf the web. And the first
nonsensical statement Kutaragi makes appears shortly afterwards "A hard
drive for running an OS will be required for the PS3 to be recognized as a
computer." What? I guess Ken doesn't remember the days before home
computers came with hard drives. You know, the Apple ][ series, the
Commodore, and even the old IBM AT's? These computers all ran an OS
without a hard drive...

But the questions remain - HOW will PS3 games use the HDD, and WHAT will
you be able to do with the Liunx partition? Linux by itself isn't very
interesting, and most users aren't going to know how to use a compiler to
get applications working on such a bare-bone system.

Kutaragi makes some comments about how much better the PS3 will be at
editting photos and videos, and even goes as far to say that you'll be
able to use your EyeToy as the interface for these applications, but does
he honestly expect anyone to use their PS3 for these purposes? Without a
DVD burner of some sort, video editting on the PS3 seems pretty pointless
to me. And who's going to buy a $300 game console to edit videos or
photos anyways? Sony would be better off productizing those features and
selling a set-top photo/video editor with a DVD-burner and large HD for
something like $500-1000. That'd sell very well by itself - and for larger
profits than the PS3 + HDD would.

At the end of the article, no real deatails are given about how the PS3's
gaming side wil levneift from a HD.
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.games.video.sony-playstation2 (More info?)

    Doug Jacobs wrote:


    It seems all Kutaragi-San has been doing lately is talking smack about
    the PS3 and X360. I guess his sense of worth became super-inflated
    since Nintendogs -- a piece of software -- outsold the PS2 and PSP in
    Japan last week.
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