System boots system doesnt boot

I have a custom pc i bought 2,5 years ago
Had an overheat problem and i fixed my cpu cooler some months ago. While having this problem pc was shutting down and windows gave random messages or something about bad boot bios sequence bla bla.
Now I had similar problems later and I sent it tto the store I bought it from for service.
They said it was the ram and they changed it.
After some days, again same problem

Right now when I turn on pc the fans start spinning and the red leds on video card turn on to start the boot but it doesnt start always. So it tries to boot, it fails once, tries again(by itself) and again and again. I turn it off for some time. I turn it again on and it works(with some windows recovered from serious error)
And after some hours it turns off with either blue screen, messed up screen like from vga problems or just black, and it tries to boot again.
This thing happens and I dont know what to do, what is the fault and I just use it till I find a solution or it breaks up completely.

ASUS M4A79T deluxe motherboard
AMD PII x2 550 3,11ghz
2gb ddr3 ram
zalman zm600-hp psu
1 hard disk on now
1 dvd rom

About cooling I use a huge home fan after the heat problems cause i keep the side always open temperatures look ok whenever i check.

Never had this kind of problem before. Virus etc is out of the question here or any hdd problem.
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  1. Sorry about the badly written post.
    Anyone can help I m online now and I can give more info
  2. From your description it appears to be bad capacitors. Which can cause varying voltages.
    Do a google image search for bad capacitors for images on what to look for.

    Second thoughts would be incompatable memory. Try running memtest overnigt to check for errors.
  3. i download a diags program that would check your power supply output..sound like it not holding and causing issues.
    I would also run some diags on your video card to see if it fine or it going.
  4. is there a diagnostic program for psus? I couldn't find a free one last I checked just a list based one. nay suggestions? also I checked video card with furmark for about 40 mins showed no problems.
    Now I have to check about capacitors . ty all I ll post again if I find anything and when it happens again.
  5. Download OCCT.
    Run the PSU test .
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