Dimension e520 ram upgrade problem

Hello, I'm trying to upgrade my E520 from 512mb to 2 gig. When I install the 2gb memory module (official dell memory for my service tag) the machine won't even load the bios. Do i need the 2gig to be in pairs?
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  1. Do you mean a total 2GB RAM or a single module 2GB RAM? If it is the single 2GB RAM, the PC will not boot because it is not support by the MB. You only can install 1GB RAM module. Check the link: http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/dimE520/en/OM_en/NH730A01.pdf
  2. The answer above is not correct. The E520 MB supports up to 8GB ddr2 @800 RAM. Dell only lists modules that they tested when the computer was new and don't always update their info later. RAM should be installed in pairs, in alternating sockets. Crucial.com lists correct capacities but not always correct speed. I'm running 4X2GB @800 Dell RAM in my E520. I know I'm answering an old question but people still look here for info.
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