Overclock attempt-no post on M_BIOS


I built a computer a little while back, specs are as follow:

GA-X79S-UP5 Motherboard
i7 3820 LGA2011 CPU
16gb (4x4) GSkill Sniper 1600mhz RAM
500gb WD Black sataIII HDD
Saphire Radeon 6850 HD GPU

Anyways, this MB has UEFI Dual Bios, and has a button on the back that allows you to switch between M_BIOS and B_BIOS. While on M_BIOS, I attempted my first overclock following a guide online, and either did not follow it correctly or entered the wrong digits, and now the motherboard will not start while on M_BIOS. This board is supposed to restart and switch to B_BIOS when M_BIOS fails, but this MB does not. When started on M_BIOS, it goes to power on-then restarts. After this restart, it just powers on and nothing happens except a black screen. Once I shut down, I hit the button to bring it back to B_BIOS. It starts up, restarts, and then starts up fully and POSTs, and I'm back in windows and a working BIOS.

Is there any way I can flash my bios from B_BIOS to M_BIOS? Im worried that if I loose my B_BIOS too, I will have a bricked board.

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  1. Silly question, have you tried the clear cmos jumper?
  2. most boards have some (forgot the name) sort of way that it resets the bios whenever the pc fails to restart in 3 times (i think)
    it is a sign of failed OC so the bios is reset so you can boot properly (or continue to oc)
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