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I know I probably sound like a bit of an idiot here (I'm not extremely familiar with the PSU and motherboard relationship), but does it matter what I kind of PSU I buy to hook up to my Motherboard? Are there specific types?

I ask this because I'm going to upgrade my GPU, but my PSU isn't capable.

P.S My motherboard is the ASUS P8H77-M PRO.
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  1. PSU's are fairly standardized as ATX but not all PSU's are created equal - there are some terrible beasts out there masquarading as PSU's (and even have very attractive packaging). What graphics card are you looking to add, that will have a lot to do with the PSU you'll need.
  2. I'm looking to add the 660 ti.
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    What Friedman said is true. But Seasonic is a trusted PSU manufacture by many users on this site including myself, this one should be good enough for your system while at a good price.
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