From hd 5770 to gtx 560ti for battlefield 3, big improvments?

Hi, im thinking of upgrading my gpu, currently having a hd 5770 im doing fine on battlefield 3 with around 50 fps with lower settings.. But i would like to experience thé game with higher graphics and better performence. Will a new card like 560ti do that on my PC? And will it be a good improvment?

My PC:
CPU : i5-650 3.2
RAM: 12 gig
PCU: cooler master GX 550w
Monitor: 1680x1050 res

Thanks for the help :)
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  1. Bump :(
  2. are u getting the gtx 560 ti for a lower price or r u paying full for it
  3. Its thé full price but it comes with bf 3, so its abit cheaper i guess :) will it be a big improvment for me? And will my PSU handle it?
  4. A 560ti is a considerable leap from the hd5770. If you were playing at 1080p or higher I wouldn't recommend it. But at 1680*1050, it will probably be just enough to play the game at full settings.
    Also keep in mind that the 560ti consumes about 170watts max. It will certainly stress your psu.
  5. But it will work with my PSU? It isnt nessesary to upgrade the PSU?
  6. your psu is fine for the card....
  7. but im not sure if u should be upgrading to a gtx 560 ti.

    tom's graphics card hierarchy chart says if ur upgrading ur gpu then u should move to atleast 3 tiers above...,review-32183-7.html

    the gtx 560ti stands only 2 tier above the 5770...
    i would go for a 6950 because it is about the same price as the gtx 560 ti and is a tier above the nvidia card.
  8. A 560ti it is then :) thank you all for the help :) and i guess 570 is out of the question, due to higher PSU requirements? And maybe bottleneck? :p
  9. its power consumption is ~ 158 watts and i think ur psu would handle it fine
  10. So with an 570 would be a better upgrade then? But will i get most of the power of the card with a i5-650 CPU?
  11. Carvalex88 said:
    Bump :(

    Bump posts

  12. You'll be able to nearly max the game out at 1680x1050 with a gtx 560ti. I'm using an overclocked 5870 and I'm getting very good frame rates all on ultra, 2xmsaa, med post aa, 16xaf,and hbao on. A stock 560ti should be about as fast as my 5870 ay 980mhz.
  13. And my CPU is good enough? :)
  14. It should be enough, but BF3 loves cores. Maybe try overclocking a little if you experience some bottle necking in the game.
  15. Thank you :) 560ti it is, and by stock 560ti you mean not overclocked? Big noob with this ;)
  16. The bigger brother of your PSU was described by HardOCP as a "polished turd in a box:"
    From this review, and a remark by Gabriel Torres at HardwareSecrets, they're both made by Seventeam, so I would expect their quality to be similar. Proceed at your own risk.
  17. Yes I'm saying stock as in, no overclock on the gpu.
  18. The factory OC'd 560 Ti's are at 900Mhz and the same price as the reference card. I'd suggest grabbing one as it cost you nuttin and, despite THG's somewhat suspect heirarchy chart, gets better fps than the 6950 ..... in fact, in SLI, the 900Mhz 560's beat CF'd 6970's

    Guru3D uses the following games in their test suite, COD-MW, Bad Company 2, Dirt 2, Far Cry 2, Metro 2033, Dawn of Discovery, Crysis Warhead. Total fps (summing fps in each game @ 1920 x 1200) for the various options in parenthesis (single card / SL or CF) are tabulated below along with their cost in dollars per frame single card - CF or SLI:

    $ 220.00 6950 (479/751) $ 0.46 - $ 0.59
    $ 240.00 6950 Frozr OC (484/759) $ 0.50 - $ 0.63
    $$ 320.00 6970 (526/825) $ 0.61 - $ 0.78
    $ 215.00 560 Ti - 900 Mhz (495/862) $ 0.43 - $ 0.50
    $ 340.00 570 (524/873) $ 0.65 - $ 0.78
  19. Sounds good, but will my PSU handle the OCed one? OCed cards need more power, dont they?
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