Why doesn't my new DVI to HDMI cable show my whole screen?

On my PC there are two DVI outputs, I have been using a DVI cable with my LCD monitor in 1920x1080 without problems. I bought a DVI to HDMI cable (DVI on computer, HDMI in monitor) but the whole screen doesn't show, there is a bit missing from each side and the top and bottom.

I am using windows 7, its like my computer is displaying 1920x1080 but the monitor shows a resolution slightly lower. I have a nvidia 460SE, in the nvidia CP when I am connected through my DVI-HDMI cable, all the selectable screen resolutions disappear leaving me with no selection.

How can I get full 1080p resolution?

Any help appreciated.

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  1. could we get the GPU and monitor brand/model? Also, what OS?
  2. I have a nVidia 460SE running on a Samsung SyncMaster P2450H on Windows 7 64bit. I have just discovered that I am using a DVI-HDMI with more pins in the DVI part then my original DVI cable has. I believe I should have bought a DVI-D-HDMI cable instead :(
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