Do you need home phone service for an ethernet connection?

I'm curious if you NEED to have home phone service from a provider for hi-speed internet.

Also, I live in Rochester NY, do you know which company would be the cheapest/best for hi-speed internet? I'm just interested in good internet with good ping for gaming, decent download speeds, don't care bout email accounts or junk.
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  1. Not totally positive about DSL, I've never been a fan, but for cable and fiber you don't need any kind of traditional copper phone line.

    I live about 1000 miles from there, so I can't be too much help, but I know verizon's FIOS service is fast, and might be available, but its $$$.
  2. For DSL internet you need to have a phone line -- or (in UK anyway) to pay a one-off fee for connection to one. Cable internet usually depends on proximity of fibre optic network to your home. Problem is that many firms are very keen to sell you the whole deal -- phone, TV, internet -- and are priced accordingly.
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