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Hi all.

I would like to use both WAN and LAN at the same time. For work, we use laptops with WAN ( mobile broadband cards) to access our remote equipment, basically just hit an IP using a browser. If there happens to be a problem with remoting into the equipment, we go there and plug into the local LAN port on the equipment and troubleshoot the connection. Simple enough right? The pain in the rear part is: I have to disconnect the WAN, wait, go in set an IP for the wired LAN, wait, and then do my troubleshooting thing. When I think I have it fixed, I have to uncheck the static LAN, power the WAN card back up, wait, login to the VPN, wait, go back to the browser and verify its all good. If it is still broken, do it all over. Very time consuming for what is really a simple 5 minute troubleshooting job.

What I would like to do is stay on the WAN and be able to use the wired LAN for my static IP. One browser window for each pretty much. Any possibility of making this happen?

Laptop is XP, browser is IE. For added fun, it is a corp computer so I cant get too happy or the IT guys frown. I do have admin rights...

Thanks for looking!
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  1. When you IP address into the equipment, is it the same IP address regardless of when you are using LAN or Wifi? If it is, then no. You can't do selective routing to the same IP address. If they're different it may be possible, but I'd have to dig into XP to figure out how feasible it is.
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