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Friend of mine has a i7 920 on a Asus P6X58D Prem. board using a Artic Cooling Freezer 7 PRO Rev.2. It's stock clocked so there's no OC'ing going on and yet his idle temps can sit at around 130F or 54C degrees. We had taken it apart and cleaned it out cause he sucks at keep *** clean and even changed out the thermal paste cause that's what he wanted but too me the temps seem really high. When he plays Battlefield 3 his temps will get as high as 150F or 66C+ and to me it just seems really hot.

Now I know some cpu's that use more wattage can of course run hotter and I was wondering if that's the problem or maybe it's the cpu cooler. oddly enough I installed Final Wire 64 and his fan speed was running at around 2700 rpm's and I checked the spec on fan from the Freezer 7 which shows there max speed at 2200 rpm's. That just doesn't sound right but I thought I would just put that in.

Now with the side panel off of the case which is a RaidMax (kinda looks like the RAIDMAX SMILODON) I put my box fan on it with it at top speed and was able to get the temps down on idle to 114F or 46C degrees and when I took it off we got temps of around 125F or 52C+. I did a burn-in for a few minutes just to see the temps this thing would make and got as hot as 210F or 99C degrees which I was just like OMG and it's not even OC'ed. :o Now even though this seems crazy high for the most part even in gaming you'll hardly see your system run all cores and threads at full speed unless your say rendering which he doesn't.

This was brought on by the fact that his computer had crashed on em, it was a hard lockup and not a bios shut down even though he claims when it rebooted it gave a error that it crashed cause of the cpu heat and asked if he wanted to restart in normal or safe mode, but as we know the bios would have shut the whole system and yet it was a Hard Lockup cause everything was still running with the exception of the LED's in the front of the case in which he said they went off. Now one odd thing was I tried looking for the Thermal Protection settings in the bios for this computer and I couldn't find the damn settings. He's got the latest firmware for the bios but I looked in the cpu monitoring section and I couldn't find it for the life of me. So anybody got any suggestions.

Now please don't make personal comments on how old his cpu and mobo is. Are these temps normal or is this abit too high which is what I think. There is the chance when he can afford it to upgrade the cooler if it seems it's not doing the job. Now I had posted on another site and all I got was how old his cpu and mobo was so I decided to try somewhere else

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  1. They are high check his vcore in BIOS! Supposed to be 0.80-1.375Volts.
  2. thats seems way too high.

    temperature should never hit 99.

    might be the case doesnt have enough airflow

    keep heating off for a few hours or take it into a cold part of the house. and take it out of case and try running it and monitering the temps

    because it is outside the case it should in theory not be able to make enough heat to heat the room up.

    try running something like prime95 for a while to see the temps.

    if the temps dont reach that high get a case with intake and exhaust fans e.g. antec 300
  3. I'm going over sometime today and I'll have a look.
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