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Hello, Tom's

I'm having a problem regarding my case's power and HDD LEDs. I recently did some cable management and some dusting off which went well until I arrived at my mobo's 2-pin connectors. I noticed that the connectors were missing pins so instead of having 10 pairs of 2-pin connectors, I only have 4 pairs that have complete pins, and the rest have one missing or are completely gone. The speaker, and the power and reset switches are all working by the way. I also noticed that my headers aren't snugly connected when I plug them in.

So what could be the issue here? Here's the pic for those pins:

Did I connect them in the correct manner and in the proper place?

Relevant system specs:

CM Storm Enforcer & Asus P8Z77-M Pro
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    No, you did not. Check the manual:
    page 2-30
    The HDD led goes where you've connected the power led.
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  3. My manual's buried somewhere in my room, so thanks, man. Though I've actually burnt every possible connection combination before stumbling on the right one. Haha
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