Need Advice on 3-way CF HD 5770 vs. GTX 560Ti

Helo guys, I am building a computer and I wanted to buy a GTX 560Ti, but I had the opportunity to buy 3x radeon 5770 (two XFX and Sapphire Vapor X) to CrossFire for only R$110 (I live in brazil, so my currency is "reais" - R$110 = $65) more than a GTX 560Ti.
Now I doubt, if I buy the GTX 560Ti, in 1.5 / 2 years I intend to buy another to SLI GTX 560Ti and if Iget the three 5770, I will not be able to upgrade in the future ...
In addition, the 5770 is already an older card, so it should be hotter and it have a older GPU.
And I also intend to make a three monitor setup in the future...
What do you think is more worthwhile?

My PC:
Intel Core i5 2500k
Corsair 4Gb 1333Mhz
ASRock P67 Extreme4
XFX 750w Black Edition
Samsung 1Tb 7200 RPM
Gravador de DVD - Gravador LG
Placa de rede - Pacific Network 150Mbps
WaterCooler - Antec kühler 620

PS: Sorry about my bad english...
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  1. 3 way HD5770's would perform better that a single GTX560Ti when playing games that support 3 way crossfire well, Some games don't support 3 way crossfire and in others the scaling isn't great.

    I'd opt for a Single GTX560Ti, you may get less performance in some games but you'll also get less heat and power consumption, less driver issue's and more predictable performance

    You'll need a second GTX560Ti for 3 monitor support though.
  2. Second the GTX560Ti purchase.
  3. 3-Way CF has never been a "recommended route"
  4. English:
    Man, go for the GTX 560Ti, and buy a second when possible.
    Less potential problems with scalability, easier to scale 2x GTX 560Ti than 3x 5770

    Cara, vai na GTX 560Ti, e compra a outra depois.
    Dai você depende menos da programação dos jogos para multi-VGA. Já que é mais fácil escalabilidade entre 2 (GTX 560Ti) do que 3 (5770) VGAs.
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    Better to have a high end GPU than low end GPUs in CF.

    As suggested above, the 3-Way CF is a great performance compared to a single GTX 560Ti but in order not to have a scaling issues, drivers issues and all the CF hassle Get the GTX 560Ti and SLI it in the future.

    Also, if you're looking for Eyefinity, Eyefinity=AMD. the HD 6950 is slightly faster than GTX 560Ti and a single HD 6950 can drive up to 4 monitors.

    So 2 HD 6950s in the Future = you're good to go.
  6. 3 way crossfire is a sure way to get problems, it is best left to people buying super high end cards for running eyefinity. get the 560ti and a second later when you have the money.
  7. So, I will buy the 560 Ti!
    Thanks for the answers!
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