2 card,crossfire,3 monitors...no eyefinity

i have 2 hd6770 graphics cards with crossfire bridge. 2 monitors plugged into top card and 1 in second card. i cant seem to get eyefinity to work. catalyst shows 3 monitors but i can only group the 2 on the top card. any ideas?
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  1. Unless I'm mistaken all 3 displays need to be connected to the same video card, as only 1 video card out puts video during crossfire, the other card just adds performance.
  2. You need an Active displayport adapter.
  3. First of all, link your GPUs because not all the HD 6770s Support CF.
    Secondly, You need a monitor that support Displayport, if you don't have use the Active DisplayPort to DVI/HDMI adapter.

    IF your GPUs don't include a DisplayPort, then you don't haven Eyefinity support.
  4. I had the same issue with my 6790's. I had to turn off my crossfirex and then it worked fine. I am not sure why they have the driver set up that way. I've even set up the eyefinity on the 3 monitors then enabled CFx and then my displays automatically changed back to only 2. My set up was with 2 monitors connected with dvi and one HDMI. idk about the 6770 but the 2 HIS 6790's I have, have 2 dvi's and one HDMI on each card.
  5. http://www.amd.com/us/products/technologies/amd-eyefinity-technology/Pages/eyefinity.aspx

    had mine setup with 3 1920x1200 samsungs 245B's (active dp adapter)5760x1200 on 2 6950's in crossfire with no issues just by following the above guide,All 3 monitors must be plugged into the primary card only!

    The hardest single thing was finding a wallpaper that large that looked good.
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