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Hello to all,
Noob to the sits and slight noob to inner workings of computers. And I have a question/problem....
Today I installed a Nvidia 9600GT 1GB Galaxy (PCI) graphics card and my computer doesn't seem to acknowledge its existence. The previous video card is an integrated ATI Radeon HD 3200 that came with the PC. Got got the new card from a friend, practically new, but no install software. New card uses an HDMI cord to my TV (what I've been using as a monitor. 48"). I installed the card and turned on my PC. Changed the BIO to the PCI slot. While still utilizing the original video card output. And the PC won't recognize any new hardware. Tried downloading the Driver and it just said "no compatible hardware found" and stopped the install. Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated.
This is my PC:

Dell Inspiron 546
AMD Sempron processor 2.30 Ghz
Windows 7 x 64
500 GB HD
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  1. Connect the monitor cable to the card!
  2. The original cable i've been using doesn't fit the new card (new card has a smaller input jack). Thats why I used the HDMI cable. Is this not a good idea?
  3. I believe you can only get one of them to work at a time. Using the HDMI from the card is fine make sure your TV input is set correctly to HDMI.
  4. About that, with the PC off, I disconnected the original cable and connected the new HDMI cable to the new card. Then turned on the PC. No video output ever came though. When I reconnect the old cable (using the integrated card) and switch the "source" on the TV, everything is coming through fine. I thought video should still come through it. You just need the driver to utilize its full power. I should also mention the I know this new card is getting power cause the little fan is running on it.
  5. Looks like you are defaulting to the onboard even with a discrete card in.
  6. Then whats the next step? I thought about uninstalling the original one so it has to use the new, but that seems like a big gamble.... If it doesn't work, I won't have a picture at all.
  7. It is not a gamble since resetting the bios back to defaults will reactivate the onboard!
  8. Tried disabling the onboard card and restarting the PC. In safe mode even. PC still doesn't even know the new card is there. Strange....
  9. So safe mode running of the card? Still refusing to install the drivers.
  10. In safe mode or not, integrated card enabled or disabled didn't matter. PC doesn't realize the new card is there.
  11. But you get display from it?
  12. No. No display. No "new hardware found". Nothing. Its like its not there at all. BUT, there is power going to it...
  13. if that is the case the card is most likely faulty!
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