I can't post comments. Help!
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  1. Might want to make a post with a real title, under a real section (not under "test posts", "None") if you want the ones who can actually help you (admins, etc.) to help.
  2. ^ The problem is, I can't post a single comment at any Tom's section, even the news article. That's why I post a test post here. But it's somehow resolved. Weird :heink:

    Initially, the message says: Sorry, The forum is unavailable. I got this message even when I wanted to ask the Mods via PM.

    Bug, maybe? And I thought I was banned... :lol: But, the funny thing is I can still see my threads, even got a BA in the middle of it.

    Well, as long as it's okay now, I'll just forget it. Maybe it is just a bug. Thanks for the reply. :D
  3. Ah, I understand. I think I may have had that happen before, but not often, so I imagine it is just a rare bug.
  4. The worst thing is, I consider the possibilty if my account being hacked... :lol: Must've seen too many cyber war movies. :P

    So it's just not me then. Thanks for the insight.
  5. It's not just you. Every once in a while, the site goes unavailable. It's usually resolved quickly.
  6. Thanks for the info, aford10. I was a little worried back there. And no, I don't have your stapler... :P
  7. damasvara said:
    And no, I don't have your stapler... :P

    That would get you banned. [:aford10:5]
  8. aford10 said:
    That would get you banned. [:aford10:5]

    Really? That's like receiving a police officer's warning gun shot to the air for resisting an arrest... Pretty intimidating smiley too... :O

    I'm sorry. I don't even know what a stapler is... :ange:
  9. Oh, so that red thing is a stapler. We call it staples here, that's why I kept thinking about that paper piercing thingy. It's the same thing. Silly me... :lol:

    That sure was a distressing warning over a simple issue... :sweat:

    EDIT: typo
  10. Huh, I didn't know a stapler was called staples in Indonesia (looked at your profile). Not trying to be an ass, I honestly didn't know it went by a different name, no matter where one is at in the world. ;)
  11. ^ Seriously, Sir. If you happen to have time to come here and ask any office for this thing, they would call it "Staples" (read "Step-less"). It's actually a lot better than the term used for envelope, we call it "Amplop" (read: Um-plop with an O) here. Even more shifted than the original name, I know... :sweat:

    EDIT: incorrect pronunciation analogy
  12. This happened to me as well. We know what the problem is so it shouldn't happen again.
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