PLS HELP!!!! (HD 6790) White Screen while gaming

Hi all. I have read a lot of Tom's Hardware guide and I now have MAJOR problem. this is my first computer build, and things have gone wrong... Whenever I game, sooner or later (5 minutes to 3hours), my screen gets white/grey stripes going vertically. I have had this problem every since I installed my Powercolor 6790.

My specs (no overclocking or anything special)

i5 2400
8 gb cheap corsair ram
Antec 902 V3
Corsair Force 3 60gb
WD Blue 500gb
Some cheap DVD RW i took from my old Dell
Powercolor HD 6790
Windows 7 Pro 64
Corsair TX850 PSU

I bought the GPU last because I wanted this computer to be up and running ASAP. I installed Windows 7, downloaded all motherboard drivers and graphics drivers. I installed Assassins Creed 2, played with integrated graphics with no problems (except it was very laggy) for a week, using the computer about 6 hours a day. When I installed the 6790, problems occurred...

I gamed happily for a few hours and then I got my first white/grey stripes. Left i there for a few minutes (music is still playing though), then I forced shutdown. Turned on, and a few hours later (after gaming), more stripes. Its been 2-3 months now and I am pretty stressed out. If there is no gaming, this computer is fine. No stripes, no lockups.

After the GPU installed, I installed Minecraft. More stripes. :cry:

There was something that I noticed on HW Monitor. Everything was in safe temps, except for 2 MAJOR issues. Firstly, my 12v rail was delivering 2v. Does not seem right to me.. idk... Another thing is that my corsair force 3 ssd was reading to be 128 degrees celcius :ouch: MY wd hard drive is located right under it and is 32 degrees, plus i have a fan blowing on it.

I was then playing combat arms. The game kept closing itself, so i reinstalled it. Had a few problems installing, downloaded c cleaner, fixed reg errors, installed in no problem.

The next day, I was playing runescape (yea i know...) and then stripes 10 minutes in.

I tried reinstalling the 1.3.3 corsair ssd firmware, which meant that I had to change the ssd to AHCI or something like that. I rebooted my computer, loaded up this website and corsair's website and blue screened. Left it alone to install the firmware, while I was typing this up (on my old Dell). I noticed that the gadgets on my new computer have stopped responding. Firmware installed successfully, rebooted, changed the ssd back to raid( for SRT), blue screened within 2 minutes.

I have just tried a system restore. Unsuccessful. I noticed that it was not connected to the internet so I uninstalled the network driver and installed the motherboard disc. On windows explorer it still says the AC2 disc.

Note: I have a system repair disc. Is now a good time to use it?

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    Hw monitor isn't getting info from you SSD. It's not at 128C so don't worry about that. The 12V should be accurate though which is odd. Corsair psu's are top notch but sounds like you got a bad one. The 12V rail is what is feeding your graphics card so it could be that, but if your card was being underfed power it would just shut off.

    It also sounds like you started screwing around with things and don't know how to put it back together again :P Your SSD should either be in AHCI or IDE depending on which one you had it on when you installed windows. If you didn't change it before installing windows then it's default is IDE.

    Do you happen to have another psu lying around to verify your psu is bad?
  2. Thanks for the reply. The psu is still under warranty and I do have an Antec Basic Power 500w lying around. I will try it (but take out the hd 6790 first) and see if there are any problems.
  3. UPDATE: Gamed for 6 hours and no stripes/lockups/bsod's. Going to RMA the tx850 and reinstall windows 7. Just wondering, should I set the ssd as ACHI or IDE (I don't need SRT anyway)?
  4. Definitely use AHCI. Windows 7 has TRIM which is only utilized in AHCI mode and IDE has much slower read/write speed.
  5. Thank you, you saved my life. :D
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