Phenom II 555 w/ FX-4100's Stock Cooler - Possible?

So Can I use the FX-4100's stock cooler on a Phenom II 555?
My mind is telling me yes as the are both based on the same socket and that AM3 coolers work with the FX-4100, but you can never be to safe.

The reason I am asing is when I upgrade my CPU (very soon) I'm giving my current Phenom II 555 to my frend an I'm trying to save money, so instead of buying an aftermarket cooler (which, he doesn't really need, as this chip hits 3.8ghz on 1.35V) is to use the stock cooler from the FX-410, maybe even add some aftermarket thermal paste and just use that?
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  1. Should be fine
  2. SHOULD be fine? D:
  3. As in, is it guaranteed to work?
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    yes, the cooler will work, AMD hasn't changed the mounting for their cpus since 939 socket. I know I bought a thermaltake cpu cooler back then and now its sitting on my Llano HTPC.

    the stock Llano cooler is the same cooler as the 4100.
  5. Yes :D thank you very much!
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