2600k Workstation BUILD NEED ADVICE!!!!!

I am building a workstation PC for myself. Been out of the PC build world for a while and need as much help as possible . Please help me out. I need it for architectural school and will plan to build ASAP!

BUDGET: $1000-$1500(prefer to keep as low as possible)

Where to buy from: Basically anywhere. Ebay, Amazon, Newegg, Tigerdirect, Microcenter(i live about 30 min away from one)

Looking to run programs such as AUTOCAD, 3D programs, LOTS OF MULITASKING!, ETC.

I have heard the 2600k chips are amazing at basically everything so i would like to use that one because its got hyper threading which will benefit my use. Also, does anyone know how the Geforce cards render compared to Quaddro Cards? If not much difference then I will take the cheaper geforces.

Ram: 8 or 16 gb. Anyone know info on tri channel memory?

Please help me ASAP!
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  1. you'll be using dual chanel with the 2600K.
  2. 2600k dosent run on triple channel, and its really the same thing just programmed to interact with 3 chips

    quadro's are beasts, but for a good quadro card its going to cost a small fortune, 8gb is all you really need but ram is so cheap 16 couldnt hurt

    can you list some of the programs you use, coz a family member used to use autocad on a dual core labtop cpu, and a really slow onboard geforce card
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