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After chasing dozens of dead ends trying to OC my processor (OEM mobo BIOS is super locked down, and Ntune only OCs Nforce 2 and above -- mine is Nforce 720a. Unsuccessful with a half dozen other software-based FSB tweaking apps as well). So I have decided to bite the bullet and buy a better CPU. I am trying to find the best CPU that will fit in my mobo. Any help would be great!!!!! (I was hoping the AMD Opteron 1354 might fit?)

Current CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000

MOBO info:

Model: Acer WMCP78M
Northbridge: NVIDIA nForce 720a rev. A2
Southbridge: NVIDIA ID075C rev. A2
BIOS: Phoenix Tech. vs. R01-B0

PC model: Acer Aspire X1200
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  1. Maybe if your socket is AM2 or AM2+ it would fit perfectly a Phenom (a perfect processor for OC) Check it with CPU-Z.
    Opteron... is for servers not for OC.
  2. this motherboard has a socket of an AM2+(940).
  3. Try the Phenom or Phenom ll. Good, stable and multicore
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