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Hey folks,

I have recently purchased Tivo and therefore need to make my pc wireless as it is a few years old. I am trying my second modem as i thought the problems with the first must have been a defective modem. The second 1 is a netgear 300n wireless modem/router. I have connected it properly, phoned the supplier and my service provider.

I have put filters on all devices sharing the line or removed them completely. Used different cables and tried it at different phone connections through the house. The fact that my old modem still works makes me think its something not compatible with the new one and phone cords.

The problem that occured when installing both modems was the dsl light flashes slowly 5 times then fast about 10 times and then off for about 10. It is recieving a signal but obviously not working properly. Is there anything else that can be done.

The service provider only threw out a remote solution that he had which was the wiring in the house needed to be updated as the old modem(4 years old) works ok with the houses wiring(25 years old) whereas the new one doesn't like it but even he admitted that is a very unlikely reason.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. would a wireless router not have worked with the old modem?
  2. That is the next step i guess, just seemed a good idea to update the modem aswell. I'll try that and let you know and thanks for the idea
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