PCI to PCIe Bridge?

Hello All,

My family have sent me an RME HDSP 9632 to go with a new PC I built, as I have recently started playing with Cubase. Sadly my PC has no PCI slots and I just gave away my socket 775. As it's now too late to return the sound card, I'm looking for ways to use it.
One option is a new cheap PC, under £500 - it's possible but pricey. Another is a new motherboard but that is almost as expensive and from what I understand of Socket 1155's, not genuine PCI anyway. The last option is a PCI to PCIe Bridge Adaptor.
The only ones I can find are from questionable Chinese sources and I am wondering, what sort of effect these bridges have on the performance of the cards? Has anyone had any experience of this or shed any light on the situation? They are £30 as opposed to £400-500, but I wouldn't even really know how to test if it is working properly or not and there isn't much point in a performance card that doesn't function to spec...
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  1. Startech makes them. I dontt know anything about the company, but Newegg carries products from them, so they may not be too bad.
  2. What motherbd do you have that doesnt have a pci slot?
  3. I have one PC with an Asus P8p67 WS revolution, and another with an Asus Maximus Gene-Z...
  4. The revolution has 2 pci slots but the Gene Z doesn't :-(
  5. They do exist but they are pretty rare and don't work in 66mhz mode well the majority of them anyway. Look up PLX pci to pci-e adapter.
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