Gigabyte P67 wont boot to OS or disk

Hello all,
I have been having major problems with my PC recently. It boots fine into safe mode but when i try to boot in to regular mode it just gets past the Windows loading screen and restarts. This also happens when boot from CD and when I boot Ubuntu from USB.

I did flash the BIOS using @bios (i know, i know...) and i've removed the cmos battery.

I've also disconnected the graphics card and hard drive and let the PC boot from usb to Ubuntu but it still restarts.

Gigabyte P67-UD3
Intel Core i5 2500k
XFX Radeon HD 6870
4 x 2GB Corsair XMS 3
700W Cooler Master Silent Pro
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  1. Is your CPU oc'd?
  2. Was this ever working? If so for how long? Also, if so what changed?

    You might want to think about replacing the PSU with an XFX 450w, btw. Especially if the computer was working for a long time and now it isn't.
  3. My CPU was overclocked to 4.5ghz.

    Yeah it worked fine every since I bought it in February. I should have never messed about with it as it was working fine before :/
  4. If it was working for like 10 months, its probably a failing PSU.

    Unless you did something recently that changed things majorly.

    Did you just start OCing very recently?
  5. Try booting with one RAM stick at a time.
  6. A couple of major things i've done since it worked:

    I flashed the BIOS using in in-OS program called @BIOS which i've recently learned isn't a good tool to use to flash the BIOS.

    Removed the CMOS battery for a few minutes.

    Flashed the BIOS to the latest version using QFlash in the BIOS.

    Crewton: I'll try this when i get home. Thanks.
  7. @bios is bad for motherboards without the dual bios set up but you have that so you are fine. If you fail to flash it will just reinstall the back up bios and reboot fine. If you didn't have the dual bios feature and the flash failed then you'd be in for a bad day.
  8. Yeah I think i've used the backup BIOS at some point when i've tried to fix it.

    I've tried booting with just one stick in and it didn't work. I tried each stick as well and no luck there.

    If i can get in to safe mode fine, surely the PSU would be alright? Same goes for RAM, CPU and Motherboard?
  9. Depends, you aren't using the same power in safe mode that you are using with a normal boot. Have you tried reformatting the hard drive and doing a fresh install of windows? It could easily be a bad driver that isn't loading on start up that doesn't load in safe mode.
  10. The same restart problem happens even if i boot from USB to try and use Ubuntu. So it can't be a problem with the Windows OS or hard drive.
  11. Borrow a different PSU from somebody.
  12. I don't know anyone with a spare PSU so i might have to buy one :/.

    Can anyone recommend a good PSU that will fit in this case?:
  13. I already did recommend one that will fit in it.

    The PSU sizes are pretty much universal outside of the mini-ITX intended PSUs. There are hundreds of the exact same size as yours.

    I suggested an XFX 450w, btw.
  14. Would this be alright to use when the CPU is overclocked? I will hope to overclock it again when its sorted out. Cheers.
  15. The 2500k does well when OC'd, yes.
  16. So that PSU can handle my gfx card and the cpu overclocked? Sorry for the questions but 450w seems low.
  17. That 450w puts out more max power than your 700w does.
  18. Great i'll get the one you suggested then.

    These have the same manufacturer code but look slightly different and i think the scan one has a lower amps output. Guessing the ebuyer one is better?

    One again, huge thanks for the help.
  19. It says 34a for the 12v on both of them. In the description anyway.

    Both of them have the exact same manufacturer part code as well.

    I am pretty sure they are the same exact thing.
  20. Raiddinn said:
    It says 34a for the 12v on both of them. In the description anyway.

    Both of them have the exact same manufacturer part code as well.

    I am pretty sure they are the same exact thing.

    Hi again. My new PSU arrived today but theres only one 6 pin connector for my graphics card but my graphics card has two sockets. Anything I can do?
  21. Can anyone help? I've got an XFX 450w psu with only one 6 pin pci-e connector for my graphics card but my card needs two. I've read about molex to 6 pin adaptors that should work?
  22. Yes, your graphics card should have come with some.
  23. You can get molex to 6 pin adaptors. Check in your GFX card box they usually come with one. If not they are fairly cheap online.
    Yeah a 6 pin would need 2 molex to get the power
    [edit] [/edit]
  24. Alright i've got the cable and tried to boot using the new psu but no luck. Does the exact same thing as when i use my other psu. Any one else got any other ideas?

    Safe mode works fine. But booting from hard drive, disk drive and usb bootable OS all fail and reboots the pc. Getting pretty desperate now. Cheers.
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