Looking to buy an i5-2400, please help me find a compatible mobo

I'm not planning on overclocking, just want to upgrade my current system and want something as a gaming rig that i can also watch vids and do some basic video recording.

I'm going to get 8gb of ram, and currently have a 9600gt nvid card. My HDD is a WD 500gb 3.0 sata drive.

I just want a basic, stable mobo that doesn't have to do anything spectacular. I stick to WoW and SC2, and don't really plan on getting any cutting edge graphical games.

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  1. If you're not going to overclock AND you're not going to use the iGPU, any motherboard with a 6 series chipset would work, although I suggest at least H67. Z68, while very nice for overclocking purposes and the ability to use the iGPU (which P67 doesn't allow) would probably just be overkill for you though, IMO
  2. thanks. i have another question about the setup im looking to put together- when im looking for stuff on newegg, one of the filters are pci slots.

    how do i determine which pinset or number of pci slots to get?
  3. Well, there are two types of PCI slots: PCI and PCIe. You only "need" as many PCI/PCIe slots as you have cards to put in them (one PCIe x16 graphics card, in your case, unless you have a sound card, which could be either PCI or PCIe), but it's always a good idea to have more than you need for future expansion purposes, should you choose to.
  4. ok, ty.
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