Upgrading my old computer

Selling this old barebone system I got a while ago, but the person(college friend) wants to do some gaming on it. What's the best GPU/upgrades I can do for it.
Not too much expensive upgrades please, he's in college so I don't want to make the price too high.
AMD Phenom ii x3 710


1360x786 monitor


LG Optical Drive

Diablotek PHD450watt PSU

nVIDIA 7025/630a chipset

m68mt-s2p mobo
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  1. What games will he play and what is his budget?
  2. Most games on low-med is what he said he wants(he's not as graphics whore-y as I am lol). His budget for everything is $500, but he said he'll pay no less than $300 for the PC as is, so a $250 for any upgrades.
  3. What his current GPU? Using onboard graphic?
    CPU, RAM and Mobo is an okay. PSU is not that good, so I suggest to upgrade PSU and buy a new card:



    Maybe that card is an overkill at 1360x786, but that card is still kicks when he buy a bigger monitor. :)
  4. The current GPU is a chipset. Will the 6770 bottleneck the CPU though? It's not a "high level" CPU.
  5. I would say no, especially the resolution is just 1360x786, I'm pretty sure he can play most of games with setting maxed out. He will see a BIG jump going from onboard graphic to a discrete card like 6770. :)
  6. awesome, and one last thing: my friend just old me about the GTX 260, but it's only DX10 but he's getting 40fps on bf3 at ultra--worth it for $99?
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    GTX260 is also enough for 1360x786. But GTX260 is an old tech and become weak in the next years. But if your friend is fine with that then go for it. I know, cheaper is better but I think spend +$15 more wouldn't hurt the wallet so badly. :D

    Going for an old GTX260 will take a risk, is it still under warranty?
    Anyway, just like i said before, going from onboard to almost ANY discrete card will boost performance significantly...
  8. Yeah. He just said the 260 was better than the 6770. Thanks a lot! :D
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