I cant get signal through the graphic card

Hello, can anyone know how to get my graphic card work again. It happened suddenly. I shut down my computer as usual, but, the next day when i started my computer, it couldn't get picture through the graphic card, so i had to connect the monitor with the integrated graphic card to get picture. The graphic card is working propertly i am sure, I have tryed with another graphic card...and nothing . So can anyone tell me how to get my graphic card back? I set the bios to deafult... nothing. I have disabled the integratd...nothing. The graphic card was not shown....so please help.......
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  1. Try pulling the cmos battery for 5 minutes.
  2. need more detail here...
    CPU? RAM? MOBO? PSU? GPU? How old?
  3. Sounds like it's just stuck in sleep mode. Did you try pulling the cmos battery?
  4. CPU Type DualCore Intel Pentium E2200, 2200 MHz (11 x 200)
    Motherboard Name ECS GF7050VT-M5
    RAM Memory Type DDR2 SDRAM ...3 gb at all
  5. BTW the computer is 3.5 years, and i tryed pulling the cmos baterry... nothing...
    still not working
  6. Well at least you have onboard video you can use. Sounds like maybe your motherboard graphics slot went out or maybe you psu's pci-e power cable.

    But since you still failed to tell us what video card you have (even though you mentioned cpu, mob and ram and this article is about the video card) can't really advise if it could be the psu's pci-e power cables or not, it may not have any.

    You really should give more information when your asking questions about a random computer that no one knows what it is.
  7. Dude i have.... Nvidia geforce 8600gt DDR3
    but i dont think my slot is not working cuz since it happened once....the computer has started through the graphic card ,2 or 3 times , and then the same problem, i shut down the pc and then the next start up, the graphic card was not giving singal....so it couldn't be the slot...
    if u know something tell me...
    and btw explain more if u can about the pci-e power cable...could it be loose or out of it's slot? etc....
  8. I have the same computer and the same problem so if any one has a solution pls post. TY
  9. Ionut-Andrei Mitu said:
    I have the same computer and the same problem so if any one has a solution pls post. TY

    New motherboard, the slot was out.
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