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Hi, I have a one year old laptop. Will not run more that 5 minutes on battery power. I replaced the battery and still have issue. Just in case, I replaced the battery again. Issue is still ongoing. System tray does not always show battery icon and device manager does not see it. Both batteries were oem toshiba. Tried cool pad thinking it was overheating to no avail.
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  1. There is a common laptop issue which can cause that problem, the guide below (one of many - google "laptop loose power jack") explains the fix. There are other issues which could cause that but this is the most common and a good starting point.
    hope it helps
  2. Thank you for the help. I just ordered a power adapter, i did not realize how hot the block gets. I seems much hotter than it normally is. Also going to order the charging port just in case.

  3. That was the problem then?
  4. I will try, right after the warranty ended, this happened. Hopefully one of the two will work
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