Can I mix GTS 250 512mb with a GT 520 1024mb? [Not SLI]

I need two cards for Cuda programming. Will those 2 play nice as far as driver installation.

of course I cannot SLI them
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  1. As far as driver install goes they should each be able to load drivers independently.
  2. Quote:
    u can use them together, but I dont get why u would get a GT520 though considering how much faster a GTS250 is

    this would be for programming purpose, not gaming, so performance is not important at all. I'm just testing if the program runs, not how fast it runs.
  3. Quote:
    but with the GTS250 spewing more flops , I assume it's better even in CUDA and folding, correct me if im wrong

    its faster at performing the operations (no doubt), but I need 520 because it supports CUDA 2.1 vs GTS 250 which supports 1.1. And I don't need performance, just need to check my programs for correctness that they work.
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