What should I buy ?

Hello people I m building a low budget minipc for basic use and some multimedia (no games at all I have a console)

CPU http://www.alza.sk/intel-celeron-g1610-d380184.htm
GPU http://www.alza.sk/gainward-gt610-1gb-ddr3-silentfx-d329776.htm

Now I dont know which one of these. I might get a small SSD max 60gigs since I not like to store much anyway so I dunno if Sata II is enough no need more then 8gigs of ram. OS will be Linux btw. Which one is worth form these ?


Also which Ram ? Should I buy straight 8 gigs or its not worth compared to price of 4 gigs which is I think good enough standard for non-gamming pc, also 2x2 or single slot 4gigs or 2x4 or single 8 gigs if its worth


Thx for all answers :)
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  1. If you build the non-game low budget PC, I will recommend buy the AMD Trinity A4 or A6 (CPU+GPU) and FM2 socket motherboard. You will save more money, If you don't matter which brand-intel or AMD.

    Check the link you will see them. http://www.alza.sk/procesory-amd-se-socketem-fm2/18854216.htm

    You can get the single 4GB RAM is more than enough, and you can upgrade to 8GB if you want later. If you buy 2x2GB kit then when you upgrade to 8GB and end up to fill all the 4 RAM slots if the MB has 4 of them. Also the single channel mode has almost same performance that compare dual channel.


  2. http://www.alza.sk/amd-trinity-a4-5300-d357412.htm Well this one looks very interesting also with integrated GPU AMD Radeon HD 7480D, so lets say I consider also AMD which motherboard should I buy ?

    If I go with AMD cpu which motherboard from these : http://www.alza.sk/zakladni-desky-pro-procesory-amd-se-socketem-fm2/18854217.htm#f&pg=1&pn=1&po=1

    If I go with Intel which one of these : http://www.alza.sk/zakladni-desky-socket-1155/18852382.htm#f&pg=1&pn=1&po=1

    The 4 gigs single Ram looks the most reasonable and better for future uupgrades, why I wasnt thinking about that lol .... anyway thx for response.
  3. http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Celeron-G1610-vs-AMD-A4-5300 but looking at this makes me little confused O.o The intel 2,6 dual-core is better then the amd 3,4 dual-core ? Ivy Bridge vs Trinity is this right lol ? Then I save more money on that intel cpu.
  4. On the other hand looking at the integrated AMD gpu which is the RadeonHD7480D it gives even better performance then the GT610... https://clbenchmark.com/compare.jsp?config_0=13834582&config_1=13195582
  5. True, intel CPU is much better than AMD, but HD7480D is much better than GT610, so you will get better performance with the good GPU. And I think you will be happy with AMD system for nongame usage.

    The MB is good to go for either GIGABYTE GA-F2A85X-D3H, GIGABYTE F2A85XM-D3H, or ASUS F2A85-M. http://www.alza.sk/zakladni-desky-pro-procesory-amd-se-socketem-fm2/18854217.htm#f&pg=1&po=1
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