Alienware Aurora ALX custum build issues

I just recently took on building my own PC for the first time. I always wanted an Alienware for the love of their cases but the expense was to much. So I found myself a Aurora ALX case on ebay and bought it =) But, before I start buying my parts I was wondering if anyone who owns one ever updated theirs and/or had any issues? I'm also concerned with the lighting and active venting on how will they operate once i replace the mobo and MIO board and install a Corsair Digital Link since I plan on installing the H80 hydro cooler. Will this be compatible with the lights and venting in the case? Is there another way? I've read on other sites that its difficult once the mobo is replaced by another.

Thank you for your help in advance..
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  1. I have the same case and I have done the same. I left the MB and the MIO board. I did replace the PSU and the liquid cooler. The PSU is a Corsair AX850 which bolted right in and the cooler is a Corsair H60. No problems with the cooler it runs off the cpu port on the top lighting board. The psu is an easy upgrade. I have see that the AZUS ROG micro atx mb works with the MIO board. Temps are a little high with this case.
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  3. i hate alienware :/
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