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Currently researching a lot about everything that I need to buy a computer but the one thing that has been giving me a headache is about the PSU. I understand quality>quantity and that the amount of Amps from the 12V rails is important.

However, for PSUs with multiple rails, such as the Antec EarthWatts EA-650 GREEN 650W, it listed as having +12V1@38A, +12V2@38A. I understand that one rail is mainly for the cpu and the other rail is for everything else.

From what I think I understand, the 12V1's Amps will be used only for the cpu and not overlap for other hardware while the +12V2 will power everything else but if the hardware's amps go over, the psu will shutdown?

Just want to make sure that I don't short myself out by using a 12V rails that will get capped. I'm pretty sure 38A's are plenty for current hardware but just making sure.
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    your fine. your generally correct, depending on the manufacturer of the psu about the 12volt rail.

    now if you cpu draws 95 watts under full load and hard drives and dvd pull 5-10 watts max you memory is just a few. your talking about 120 watts which is just 10 amps. so that leaves 28 amps on the 12v1 rail.

    btw, that 38 and 38 is not a combined load of 72 it is the maximum of EACH rail individually.
    the combined load seems to be 48 amps:
  2. It depends mainly on what graphics card you will be adding.

    That PSU can support a single GTX680 with a high-end system.

    As to the specifics, it can be quite confusing. In fact, as a technician I'm quite annoyed at how difficult things are but you should have no issues that PSU.
  3. I just bought the 650 green. Normally I would try to buy everything together but 54 bucks wont last long. The wait continues...
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