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Hello, I own a BFG GTX 285 OC edition and I need whatever advice/help I can get. I know the company is bankrupt which is why I'm seeking help here. The card will only render up to 1600x1200. I own a GTX 260 which renders on the same system at the 1920x1080 resolution. All drivers updated, etc, etc. I can actually pop out the 285, put in the 260 and get the 1920x1080 right now, but the 285 is better and was free so I wanted to get it to work. Any advice, tips, links on how I can solve this problem?
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  1. Have you tried to change the resolution in the Nvidia contol panel?
  2. Well, I've been trying to get help thru Nvidia, as BFG is non-existent. I have tried changing it in the control panel. I got the desktop to render 1080, but most games cannot even load, and the ones that do list 1600x1200 as the highest resolution from the drop down list. The Nvidia rep had me select the "No Scaling" option and I even tried checking the box for "allow card to override programs and games". Still no good. It's so strange that it would render the desktop and all programs based on that (Browser, iTunes, MS Office, etc.) in the full 1080, but not a game. I'm worried the card is just plain defunct and I won't be able to get a replacement or repair since BFG is gone. Any other suggestions?
  3. I dont know? Atleast you didnt pay anything for the card. If you want to upgrade and have the money I wouldn't go with anything less than a GTX 560 or GTX 560 ti.
  4. Agreed. I've even seen a GTX 570 slip down into a comfortable price range a few times on TigerDirect.

    Is it strange to you though that it's capable of rendering the desktop but not a game?

    The Nvidia rep is still helping me, kudos to them for not throwing their hands up, I give the service an A+ even if the card is shot. They're having me do a clean install of the drivers for the Beta 265.79 or something close to that. We'll see...
  5. It is a little odd, but that is hardware for you. You will always run into new problems that you may have never seen or heard about before.

    let me know how it goes and what was wrong.
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