What MB for my CPU?

Hello all,

so.... its time for me to slowly change my dear q6600. :)

Since i mostly play games, I started by looking at the "Best Gaming CPUs For The Money: February 2013" article and im thinking on buying the i5-3350p.
Its just under my CPU budget (150-250) and i dont need a graphic processor. I'll continue using my ATI HD5850 for now (but i know i will change it in the future).

So... if my CPU option is not kick out... "what motherboard..." is now the question.

I was going to ASUS or GigaByte (always had ASUS, i have a Maximum formula today), but then... chipset came into question :)
so many options :)

if i dont plan to do OC and going to a single GPU card is my way... where should i go? z77? MAXIMUS V FORMULA? (budget? around 200-300?)
Edit> i just realize the Mother has to be standard ATX, my case Antex 900 doesnt support Extended ATX (as i could read somewhere).

I search at the forum and i found many times this kind of questions, but could not get something clear out of those :)

Hope you dont mind the question... am i going on the right direction?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. What about the "ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77" as motherboard?
  2. If you don't plan to overclock and you're planning to get the i5-3350p, just get a h77 motherboard, look for the asrock h77 pro 4 mvp.
  3. Thanks for you answer; i just look into h77 and it definitely fits my need right now (its a matter of seeing its its worth the price to jump on z77 for just having the possibility of OC).

    As for AsRock, i dont have any experience with that mother? if you dont mind i ask, why would you go with it?
    Any difference with the ASUS P8H77? (i just love ASUS) :)
  4. Well the asrock h77 pro 4 mvp is cheaper, and has more features than any h77 motherboard, with 4 sata III ports and 4 sata II ports, the realtek ALC892 as onboard audio, many got inferior onboard audio at the same price.
  5. So, now i started looking at prices... here in Canada i can get basically for the "same" price a P8h77, p8z77 or even the AsRock H77.

    Seen all of them gives me the 2 sata III ports, and the audio is not big deal (i have a SB X-FI), i think i may just go with the P8z77.

    Any second thoughts guys? p8z77 and i5-3350p? should i spend a bit more and jump to something else?

    (i said im not planning to OC, but i'm changing my mind as the minutes passes) :)
  6. Yes, if it's at the same price, get the z77 motherboard.
  7. got it, thanks for the help!
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