Sapphire 6950 White/Black Screen

I have a Sapphire Radeon 6950 1 GB. Randomly, my monitor will go blank- I'll see rolling lines, or solid white, or another solid color. If I turn my monitor off and on, everything restores itself.

I'm wondering if this is something I can fix without having to resort to an RMA, because I learned after I bought the card that Sapphire outsources their warranty claims and I'd have to put up like 30 dollars just for shipping and all that- I'd honestly rather pay that money to fix it myself- especially since Skyrim comes out soon...

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks for the help!

Edit: I'm running an i5-2400, 8 GB of RAM, an MSI-P67-G45A mobo, and a more than decent 750w psu. The 6950 isn't overclocked.
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  1. PSU big enough? Drivers correctly installed? If so I am afraid RMA might be the only option, maybe through retailer/Etailer!
  2. PSU is satisfactory and drivers are up to date- I have to go though Sapphire's process because it's too late to return it to Newegg :(
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