I m using a Powercom 1KVA/600W sine wave ups. Is it sufficient for my config. I was using a coolermaster rs 500 pcar a3 smps. I m about to change it to a 650 w smps.....
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  1. don't know much thinking to buy myself a good UPS as APC is a crap

    600va gives 20 min backup whenever they replaces it with new piece and within a month it comes down to 2 mins
    using 30th ups and still complaining
    I use 400w smps and 600 va normally gives 15 min backup

    hmm for your question I guess go for 1 KVA or atleast 800 VA for good ups and better backup
  2. Anything you want to ship, UPS can handle. If you prefer, you could also try Fedex.
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