Can Diamond Thermal Paste damage your processor?

Can thermal paste containing diamond damage your processor? Such as this antec forumla nano 6 compound: it's 4 bucks and I figure it's probably better than the stock cooler master compound that comes with teh 212 evo. And I need some moar compo9und! :D
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  1. no, it should be fine. I wouldn't be convinced it will be btter than the stock cooler master stuff, but even if its worse, it won't be by much.

    thermal compound really doesn't make that much difference. I used to use bulk stuff from jars that were used in electrical companies for their internal voltage regulators. the stuff looked like grey slop. when i switched to mx2 eventually, i only saw a temp drop of about 3 degrees.
  2. Well, I really just need some extra paste because I ran out of the cooler master stuff. Is the antec thermal coumpound good, or does it look reasonable for $4?
  3. for 4 dollars I don't see how it could possibly not be worth it. I still tend to go for the expensive stuff now, just to get those last few degrees off (and it would be sill to use crappy TIM in a multiblock waterloop), but that stuff will certainly do the job.
  4. Removal of diamond based paste can scratch the surface of the IHS, removing the specs and voiding your warranty.
    4ryan6 provided photos in this thread
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