Can i access 2 wireless connections in one laptop

i am having laptop and using wireless network one my own and second my next door both different password but i am able to use one at one time can i connect both same time so that my speed goes up
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  1. I assume you're asking this wrt increasing performance w/ the Internet. In a word, no. Windows always accesses the Internet using the network connection that defines a default gateway. In the presence of more than one default gateway (as in your case), it will use the one w/ the smallest metric. If they are the same metric, it will use the network connection w/ the highest priority.

    IOW, no matter what you do, Windows is only going to use one of the network connections for Internet access and ignore the other for those purposes. That’s just the way it works.

    That said, I have seen some “hacks” that attempt to have Windows round-robin multiple network connections. I have no idea how well they work though. Even under the best of circumstances, you can’t aggregate multiple network connections into a single logical network connection. All you might be able to do is increase total throughput by the fact you have these networks connections working in parallel.

    A better solution would be to use a dual wan router. Of course, one of those WAN ports would need to be wirelessly bridged to the remote network, which is somewhat unusual but could be done.
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