My ipod won't show in my computer

I want to transfer files from my ipod to my computer but when I look for my ipod in "my computer" it doesn't show as a drive. I can use it with I tunes, it works fine but for my purposes, I need to access the files on the drive in "my computer" I am using windows 7
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  1. Which iPod are u talking about?
  2. You are "supposed" to use iTunes. If you need to access the filesystem there are programs for that, though. I don't know the model so I can't point you in the right direction.
  3. As said above, the iPod uses a file format unreadable to windows without a 3rd party software.

    They want to:
    1. Lock you to iTunes
    2. Disable any kind of 2 way Sync(so you can go to a friends and dump your songs on that computer). I am not joking even in the iPod the songs are in different locations and labeled without actual names.
    3. Take over the world.

    I used a software package(i forget the name) to access a first gen iPod touch to get files off. After that dropping the folder(because all files names are messed up) into iTunes imported and renamed it back to normal. Was a pain to be honest. With my Zen, i just copy and paste.
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